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Bonnie Brave Boat Rowers is the story of     the Newcastle Christmas Handicap, the Scotswood Express and the zenith of rowing from 1850 to 1950 when Tynesiders became national and international champions, and when Tyne boat builders experimented with sliding seats, developed the outrigger and created smooth-bottomed racing ‘shells’ to make the Formula 1 vehicles of their day go faster.

Chapter 1 - ‘The Scotswood Express’ covers backers and bookies and the murky world of cheating, bribery and equipment failure.

Chapter 2 - ‘The eye to see and the hand to fashion’ on the genius of design in boat building.

Chapter 3 - ‘Pulling clivor on the coaly river’ on the tyros of the Tyne and their fame in song and music hall.

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